how to meet up with people online (and not get kidnapped)

In the spirit of Halloween, I thought I'd do this somewhat spirited post! Because there are so many things that can go wrong when you meet people from online in person - and there are likely horror movies about this

On to the tips, story, and most importantly, the photos!

Your guide to making friends on the internet safely.

the past 604,800 seconds

Since I started blogging back in April, this has been the longest break I've taken. It was only a little bit over a week, but it was a huge one for me. 

I haven't been in a great place mentally for a month or so. It's up and down, some days I'll feel normal, and others I'm in the dumps. One of the bright sides of this though, is that I've been thinking a lot. Primarily about happiness, and how to be happier

6 ways to stay heathy for lazy people

Like most people, I strive to be healthy, and somewhat fit. Unlike most people though, I expect my fitness to come naturally, and without sweat à la Taylor Swift exiting her ballet class looking more perfect than I ever have been. 

But as Taylor and I do not share the same gene pool, and therefore the same ability to not sweat, I've developed a few tactics for staying healthy and fit when you're as lazy as I am

my photography journey in 20 photos

Photography has been such a huge part of both my life and my blog, so I thought I'd share a bit of my journey, as well as some tips and lessons I learned along the way. I went from shooting with a point and shoot in thrown together setups in my living room, to making over $1,000 this summer from photo jobs - and I didn't spend all of that on clothes!

how to take proper care of your clothes

I like to think I'm a pretty smart shopper, and am good at making sure I get the full value of my clothing. Although I've found certain brands are better than others in terms of quality, I've found a way to make my fast fashion buys last longer as well by taking care of them properly.

Because straight up tips are so boring to read if they don't apply to you, I've also included a little tidbit or story with each piece! I hope that makes it a little more interesting for you guys!