it's all Greek to me

A collection of things I don't really understand, from the inconsequential to the important. Because it's all Greek to me - like the columns (someone please appreciate my jokes).

In listicle form, since I've realized my posts tend to be very long and wordy. And I've been spending too much time on Buzzfeed lately.

how to take blog photos in public

I always get a lot of questions about shooting in public and taking outfit photos, and I thought I'd condense them into a post. Also because this location has been one I've wanted to shoot at for ages, but it's usually quite busy.

If you've ever wanted to be able to take outfit photos in public without feeling (as) awkward, this is the perfect post for you.

Everything you need to know about taking better photos in public.

don't be a prick - thoughts on "being nice"

While it's already well into November, and therefore fall, California still can't make up it's mind. So I brought out my favorite white dress for one last day - taking it into fall with a dark grey Brandy Melville Caroline cardigan and bold lip

Wearing a white lace Abercrombie dress, dark grey Brandy Melville Caroline cardigan, and Kensie Hadin sandals.

it's just peachy

It's been a wonderful few days, though very hectic as well. I haven't written a lifestyle type post in a while, where I just talk about what's new, and it seems like with the start of a new month, this is a common theme throughout the blogging community.

Plus, a lil poem I wrote a few years back - and am still quite proud of to this day. 
A mens-wear inspired white blazer paired with stripes and oxfords