hello! a new idea i've been thinking of

Hi everyone! It's been a while since I've been blogging, and I thought I'd send a new update. I've been thinking of an idea, and I'd love to get some input on it!

see ya soon

It's been a little quiet around here lately! I'll keep it short and sweet and just update you guys on what's been happening behind the scenes.

you wanna be on top? + zaful review

Yes, I just ripped off the America's Next Top Model theme song. But it's almost all I've been watching the last few weeks - why are the bad shows so addicting?

how to: color meditation

Our world is so busy! Unless you’re a very sheltered trust fund baby who has it all laid out for you, you’ve been served a heaping dollop of stress. Actually, maybe they have stress too - what galas to attend or Louboutins to buy, something like that.

Anyways, we all need ways to combat stress, in a low-cost, little commitment needed way: introducing color meditations. 

the best part about being alone

Spiders. Clowns. Serial killers. None of those scared me as much as being alone. It’s a touch ironic, as I am an only child, so much of my time is unavoidably spent alone.

12 gratitudes with sammydress

July has been really, really good so far. Not sure whether I've been cashing out my good karma, or something about my horoscope, but it's just been one great thing after the other!

I thought I'd repay the universe by sharing what those have been:

"the purge" + dezzal review

It's July - isn't that crazy? It seems like January was just yesterday, something I've heard many bloggers relate to. We're more than halfway through 2016, and it's time to clean out anything unnecessary.

spring break: santorini + mykonos

Though it's been more than 2 months since I returned from the Mediterranean, I never get tired of looking at pictures, or planning what I'll be doing next time.

I visited Santorini and Mykonos, as well as Cairo and Istanbul!

a word I hate

Lots of things drive me up the walls. Humble bragging, not saying "please" or "thank you", and backhanded compliments are some of them. But there is one word in particular that stands out:


life lately: back in the game

I'm finally out of school for the summer, and I'll be back on the blog weekly now! It's been a while, and I'm feeling a little bit rusty, but I'm looking forward to getting back in the routine.

behind the scenes: dancing at the cantor

Recently I've been on a bit of a creative streak, and finally got around to making a dance video with a friend. It was a lot of work (and a lot of trial and error), but I'm so happy to share the results with you.

spring break: cairo, egypt

Now that exams are coming up, there's nothing better than sifting through travel photos and reminiscing about faraway places.

I traveled to Istanbul, Cairo, Athens, Santorini, and Mykonos, and will be covering them in posts coming up!

first impressions of therapy

A month or so ago, I went in for my first therapy session. It was something I'd wanted to try for a while, but hadn't gotten around to it until recently.

While it can have negative connotations, I believe it's something that you should consider when you're feeling down, or just need someone to talk to.

spring break: istanbul, turkey

Hello again! I've been out for a couple weeks, traveling, and it's been good to take a break from the daily grind.

I traveled to Istanbul, Cairo, Athens, Santorini, and Mykonos - of course I'll be writing about all of them (see last summer's travels).

what's in a name?

That which we call a rose/By any other name would smell as sweet.

For a long time, I had trouble really taking this to heart.

My name was the first thing people noticed about me, the strangeness, how foreign it sounded. They couldn't figure out my gender based solely on it, and when teachers would take roll, frequently they'd call me by my last name.

marching ahead

Hello! Long time no see. I've been having a great time out, and things are moving so quickly, I haven't had time to just sit down and write. Marching ahead, get it (it was too good to pass up)?

It's a novel experience for me as someone who likes to work with a schedule that's not too hectic, as being around people for too long can make me tired. But I've been loving it lately!

quality or quantity?

Is it quantity or quality that matters more? It should be a straightforward question, with a generally accepted answer of "quality", but I don't believe it's so black and white.

valentine's day: match your outfit to your lips

My favorite thing about Valentine's Day is the colors. And the chocolate (who could forget the chocolate?) 

Some lipsticks inspired by the pinks and reds of V-Day, plus outfit inspiration. All from e.l.f - they were having a sale, and I was easily roped in. 

amplified existence - "big magic" book review

When a book comes out with an aesthetically pleasing cover, you get it, if not just for blog props. When said book is about creativity, and is written by Elizabeth Gilbert, it's an even better reason to get it!

While I definitely judged Big Magic by its cover, I was not disappointed in the least.

5 accessories to complete an outfit

Me a few months ago would've scoffed at the idea of paying more than $10 for accessories. I considered them "add ons" to the main ensemble, and would rather drop $50 for a basic tee, than $20 for a pair of studs.

But I stand corrected. The little things really do make a difference, so here are 5 accessories that can elevate your look instantly.

by the ideal that we live

Smoothed wrinkles, age dialed back, features perfected. Idealization is rooted in art, especially in Classical Greco-Roman. Like the marble busts and dynamic statues, idealization too, has withstood the test of time

It lives in me. I walk the line between idealizing those I admire, and simply admiring them. Sometimes admiration turns into something darker.

giveaway! angelina is x polette

Have you been collecting some good karma? Now's the time to use it!

I'm finally hosting a giveaway! It seems as almost a "rite of passage" for being a blogger, along with first "free" product or brand collaboration. Nonetheless, exciting things are coming up, like my partnership with Polette.

5 min read: conversations in the dark

A sketch of recurring dream I have, in which the fear I wake up with is what stays with me.  A late night conversation with friends. 

2016: looking back and ahead

The first few days of a new year are always a bit disorientating for me.

On one hand, I want to savor the past, look back on what I learned - hindsight is always 20/20. On the other, I want to look forward, become the person I've always wanted to be, make this year the one I finally achieve my goals.

So here's a little bit of both.