"the purge" + dezzal review

It's July - isn't that crazy? It seems like January was just yesterday, something I've heard many bloggers relate to. We're more than halfway through 2016, and it's time to clean out anything unnecessary.

This morning, I was clearing out all my inboxes (I'm not the only one who has 4 emails right?), and came across this article by The Cut. Like everyone else on the internet, I'd heard lots about the KonMari method, and tried it out a bit. It was about as much work as it sounds like, and didn't work for me.

This article, on the other hand, was the direct opposite of what the KonMari method is based off of. It's worth a read - short, but funny - but basically, you use adrenaline and rage to clean everything out. I dialed back on the rage a bit, though the quick burst of cleaning was more suited to my personality and work habits.

Yelling "Purge or be purged" at your roommates sounds pretty fun though.

Some things I got rid of:

Clothes So, so, so many clothes. With half the year over, it's easier to point out things I haven't worn enough this year, if at all, and let them go to a new home. I find it harder to do in the beginning of the year, because then the excuse of "maybe I'll wear it this year" pops up. I regularly rotate my closet though, so it's much easier for me to get rid of things than most people. Plus, I need the money to shop more ;-)

Books I don't read, especially textbooks or anything school related. Those are expensive, and I'm sure they'd do someone else much better. On a related note, any school papers from the past years too! I always like to reuse them if they're blank on one side.

Beauty samples. My whole countertop is full of beauty samples, and I can't keep up with them every month! You could give them away to friends, use them as freebies if you sell clothes/handmade things, or sell them at a discount if they're unused.

Receipts/train tickets/brochures/papers in general. I was cleaning out my closet, and found a receipt for a top I'd already sold from 2 years ago! The ink was already faded and there was no way I would be returning the top, so obviously I tossed it. I like saving some travel mementos, but those go in an organized journal instead!

People that don't make me feel good about myself. Jim Rohn knows what he's talking about when he says, "You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with". If they don't make you feel happy and energized, why bother hanging out with them? It's easier said than done, and I'm still in the process of figuring things out myself, but distancing myself is helpful for my mood and self-esteem.

Dezzal Review
Thank you to the Dezzal team for sending me clothes to review! They had a great selection, and the clothes seemed a lot more wearable than some Asian websites.

I liked how easy the website is to navigate, and the photos were higher quality as well. The package arrived in 8 days, and each item was in an individual sealed package.

However, I found the quality of the clothes to be incongruous with the price range. This dress was quite voluminous, and I altered it to decrease the amount of fabric (so I didn't look like a cross between a giant carrot and the Russian lady in the Nutcracker). The pleating as well as some of the stitches on the inside were uneven, and the fabric was much too heavy to move around comfortably.

It does make for great photos though - which can be deceiving!


p.s. happy Fourth!

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